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Heyllo. :)
I'm leda

The page is finally updated!'s different. Layout and more room to type about me!
Thanks to Mackenzie for urging me to make a new one page.<3 It took me forever to make the this xD

Schools out! Yep. I got out 6/8/07. Summer is here! Staying up late, sleeping in. Oh yeah. <3
But I have to admit. 5th grade was fun. ;) Now moving on to 6th. The class is going to be one big class. It's going to be noisy. x)
Oh well, I'll get used to it.

Oh joy. Guess what happen to me? I broke my collarbone. ): During a very aggressive soccer game, I was running to the ball, while the kid on the other team was doing the same.
He put his leg out to dribble it, and tripped me. I landed right on my shoulder, hearing a crack. Ouch.

What I'm doing for summer. I love summer. What will I be doing? Swimming, swimming, hanging out with friends, relaxing, more swimming.
Yep it will be the life.

'Bout the girl My name is Leda, and I'm eleven years young. I'm a girl.
Brown eyes, brown hair, dark dark brown glasses.
I like hanging with friends, talking, relaxing and of corse shopping at Old Navy.
My sports are soccer, volleyball, and cross country.
Here are facts you should know about me:
.I have a lot of brothers and sisters.
.I HATE pizza.
.I love to sing. Even if I'm not good at it.
.I make icons on Get an account, it's free.
.I usually don't know what to say.
.I love all my friends.

Pics of me, and pictures I took.

I think (and hope) you noticed I got glasses. ;)


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