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Riding weather is HERE!!

I got him (the bike) up to Erie and he purrs like a lion on the Interstate....

....but the real riding is in the twists and turns of the 2 lane roads!!



Women On Wheels.

I belong to Women On Wheels.

To unite all women motorcycle enthusiasts for recreation, education, mutual support, recognition, and to promote a positive image of motorcycling.

Click on the logo above to visit their site.

My local group is called Three River Riders.


My bike is a 2004 Honda Shadow Aero VT 750.

I even got THE MAN to ride......check out his page for some pics!

(he looks way better on the bike than me)



This is the best ride in town!







Poor Edna.



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Fark Photoshop:

Theme: Rejected Mother's Day Cards....






Theme: Create the new FDA food pryamid..



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Wanna hear what it sounds like at the mummy's house with the 6 pack?

Mommie Dearest Wavs for Mother's Day!

I don't ask much from you. (29KB) No wire coat hangers.(58KB)
Dishrags. (75KB) Bring me the axe. (37KB)
If you can't do something right... (14KB) Don't use that tone with me! (49KB)
Clean up this mess!! (17KB) The wire hanger thing again. (22KB)
Not one of your fans! (99KB) I'm ashamed to be your mother! (21KB)


Kept here by popular demand.....

A great wav from the show Dinosaurs. (149KB) Robin Williams as Elmer Fudd singing Fire.(118KB)



There are always hits on my site from folks looking for "Pants 'n Nat" and WDVE sound files.
Here are some ones I had stuffed in a file in mp3 format.
Morrison's Family Restaurant (1.4MB)

Pants 'n Nat with Sophie (2MB)

Pants 'n Nat 'n Donnie Iris (1.1MB)

Pants 'n Nat Essay Contest (3.6MB)

Those were from the Scott Paulson & Jim Krenn WDVE Morning Show a few years back.
What a great morning show.
Scott Paulson (check out his site!!!) left radio (a sad day) only to return to his own evening show on DVE.
Amen and Alleluia!
(That's 6p-10p on 102.5FM)
Jim Krenn is still doing the Morning gig.

I hate Real Player - but you need it to hear these from the OLD WDVE Morning Show!
Amish Cart Pull (200KB) Ben Klingston - Mall Guard (534KB)
Crafton-Ingram Girls (381KB) Lonnie Iris at Pants 'n Nat (230KB)
Take A Walk On the Southside (396KB) Pittsburgh Law (67 KB)

Use Real Player for these Electric Company songs:
Easy Reader (158KB), LetterMan (67KB) (This is Joan Rivers with Gene Wilder as LetterMan), Silent E (354KB)

Mummy Musical purchases :

You set my soul on fire.  You take me so much higher - higher again.....Gravedigger, when you dig my grave, can you make it shallow so that I can feel the rain?Was it life I've betrayed for the shape I'm in?  It's not hard to fail.  It's not easy to win.Purple haze all in my brain.  Lately things just don't seem the same.  Actin' funny, but I don't know why.   'Scuse me while I kiss the sky.If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?  For I must be travelling on, now.  'Cause there's too many places I've got to see.We said that we would never, we were really just like them.  Does rebellion ever make a difference?Don't wanna hear about it.  Every single one's got a story to tell.  Everyone knows about it, From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell.Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner.  Sometimes I feel like my only friend is the  city I live in - the city of angels - lonely as I am, together we cry.i'm not a perfect person, there are many things i wish i didn't do,  but i contimue learning.  i never meant to do those things to you.The Offspring.In your house I long to be, room by room patiently.  I'll wait for you there like a stone.  I'll wait for you there alone.Look at me, my depth perception must be off again, cause this hurts deper than I thought it did.  It has not healed with time.  It just shot down my spine.i don't want to come back down from this cloud.  taken me all this time to find out what i need.Do you know where you're going when you've taken your last breath?  Do you know what you get?  Cigarette.Aerials, in the sky, when you lose small mind you free your life.Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head.So 1,2,3, take my hand and come with me because you look so fine and i really wanna make you mine.Black hole sun won't you come and wash away the rain?Got my pills 'gainst mosquito death, my buddy's breathin his dyin' breath, Oh god please won't you help me make it through.Fell in a river of illusion and apathy.  Drowning in a self-induced confusion I'd rather be.Fumbling his confidence and wond'ring why the world has passed him by.  Hoping that he's meant for more than arguements and failed attempts to fly.All of us are searching for an open arm.  Well, it's a shame how I curl up in the dark when it's the same old word giving me the spark.I'm writing again these letters to you aren't much, I know, but i'm not sleeping and you're not here.  The thought stops my heart.Good morning day, sorry I'm not there, but all my favourite friends vanished in the air.  It's hard to fly when you can't even run.  Once I had the world, but now I've got no one.There is a wound that's always bleeding, There is a road I'm always walking and I know you'll never return to this place.13 Ways to Bleed Onstage.If I traded it all, If I gave it all away for one thing.  Just for one thing.  If I sorted it out. If I knew all about this one thing.  Wouldn't that be something?Because im broken when im lonesome and i dont feel right when you go away.I'm tired, I'm broken, I'm walking along with the dead.  Will I ever feel like I once did?I.  I'm a one way motorway.Shimmy, shimmy low, got to free my soul - Want to walk on water, gonna lose control.Bad news comes don't you worry even when it lands,  Good news will work its way to all them plans.And like a little girl cries in the face of a monster that lives in her dreams...Is there anyone out there cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe?Should I bite my tongue?  Until blood soaks my shirt.  We'll never fall apart.   Tell me why this hurts so much. Well something's gotta go wrong coz I'm feelin' way too damn good!Good Charlotte.Hello hello.  I'm at a place called Vertigo....let me take back my life, I'd rather be all alone, anywhere on my own, cause I can see, the very worst part of you is me.Counting the days - until some freedom can scream my name.  Counting the days - until the gods break these chains.And we're all to blame, We've gone too far, From pride to shame,  We're trying so hard, We're dying in vain.My shadow's the only one that walks beside me, My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating.The soul you cut, the soul you adore, cannot feel you anymore.




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Check out this commercial for Citreon. (1.3MB wmv)


Did ya see this news report from Iraq? (1.2MB wmv)




Be careful to not get sunburned!! (643KB wmv)


Ya play Roller Coaster Tycoon?
Ya might after seeing this "unofficial" trailer for RCT3.
Put together and to music by Dean Barnett at
RCT3 is due out in November '04 - with CoasterCam and Fireworks show editor!!

(MEGA LARGE file - 34M - no dialups!)


This is a little different.....
A cartrip. (2.7MB mpeg)


Alien Disco (not new but funny!) (3.1MB mpeg)

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It's RACING time!

Racing links:

FIA World Rally Championship

NASCAR official website


The Champ Car World Series (CART)

Indy Racing League

Formula One

The Speed Channel


...and some other cool links....

Honda Shadow Net - great forum here for Honda Shadow riders.

Scott Paulsen - Go here to listen to sound slips from his radio show.
CD's now on sale on his site!
Here is an example of his stuff (4MB)


For Tommy.


Hear the wavs at The Daily Wav.

Here is great Calvin and Hobbes site!

Keep track of the Photoshop Contests on FARK

Before you pass that stupid email on........The Urban Legends Reference Pages.

And speaking of hoaxes....The Museum of Hoaxes is a good site to see some.


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