By Jamie Marangoni


Some of the big cats are very fast. A Cheetah can run at 70 miles per hour!

Most cats live alone, but lions live together in groups called prides.


Tigers are the biggest cats. They live in grasslands and forests.††

Their strips make them difficult to see among the trees and tall grasses.

Like most cats, tigers live and hunt alone. They eat deer and wild pigs.

Tiger cubs are born blind, like the young of all cats. They do not open their

Eyes until they are two weeks old. At first they feed on their motherís milk.

The motherís looks after her cubs for about two years, and teaches them to hunt.


Elephants are the biggest of all animals on land. They can grow as tall as 11 feet tall and weigh as much as 6 Ĺ tons.

Elephants use their long trunks to reach food and water and carry it to their mouths.

Elephants are so strong that they can push over trees to get at the leaves and twigs.


The hippopotamus spends most of the day in rivers and lakes, to keep cool. It comes out of the water at night to feed on grasses and other plants.


Crocodiles and Alligators are the biggest reptiles. Some are 18 feet long. Crocodiles live in rivers, in hot countries and they are powerful swimmers. With only their nostrils showing, they wait for animals to come to the river to get a drink. Then they seize their prey with their huge jaws. Crocodiles look fierce, but they are good parents. They guard their children and look after the babies when they hatch.

I hope you liked my report.