Gary's Page
(AKA: The Man)

The MAN is now BIKER DUDE!!

I have decided to give this motorcycle thing a go......

The Leader of the Pack - and his Woman

Click on our picture


See pics and read the story of Gary's Skydive!


Pictures for Roy's Retirement are here

RRxing.gif  I've been working on the railroad

- Gary's stuff -

Check out my Notes for New Parents. This is a page I put together for a few friends who were having their first baby. It's all the stuff I wish someone had told me when we had our first child.

Links to some other sites:

Dad - try this pic of page 46

Ahhhh! Protect yourself when 'surfing the web':

Gary's mystery sound: What is this from??? (I'm showin' my age here - I knew it right away!)
Here's a clue...
And another...
Hey! Lots of new stuff here - go even if you know the answer! Ready for the answer?
We had a request for the Captain here...

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