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At some point I am going to update this site....

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The 'goni Family Home Page

macaroni family Dec 2007


What's Up with Us?

I will update the rest of the site slowly - its getting there....

Gary needs to update his page but has some great tips for parents and securing your computer.

Kara went to England to visit her friend and she is still the biker chick.
This page will prolly be updated pretty soon.

The kids are enjoying the abnormally warm winter weather and excited about Christmas.

Jamie is a Freshman at Oakland Catholic, and loves it!
Kim has updated her own page.
Leda has updated her own page as well

Mitchell (and Leda) are playing soccer (which makes me a soccer mom? I DON'T THINK SO!)
Noah has 2 states - ON and OFF. He's either goingoingoingoing or he's DONE!
Olivia is the princess.



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